About us

In 2013 a group of high profile designers & artists from around the world came together to share their experiences and collaborate. 

The ligature collective was borne out of the members mutual love and admiration of the humble letterform, their mission: to promote the beauty of typography and ensure the longevity of their craft. The members , possessing a diverse array of skills including: hand lettering & illustration, logotype & brand development, calligraphy, large scale mural work, printing, & web design all understand the importance of correct typography and implement it throughout their work. With such a broad perspective on the creative industry the group invites projects & opportunities that allow them to come together and share their knowledge, and collaborate on exciting projects, big or small. You can always count on our members to produce high quality creative work as we do it solely for the love of letterforms. Feel free to get in touch if you have a project in mind for one or all of the ligature collective members.

Today, the Ligature Collective is a collaborative branding agency, bringing brands to life around the world through our bespoke designs, marketing strategies, and clear brand communications.
With over 80 business starting up a minute, competition to stand out is fierce. In an effort to bring more value to our clients, and help them really get noticed we’ve combined our 100+ year design experience with our experience working with clients from Nike, to your local corner shop to offer comprehensive branding strategies that ensure your brand story is clearly communicated, turning your audience into loyal fans of your brand.
We’re happy designing logos, we love doing it, and we’ve built a global reputation on our bespoke, hand drawn logo design service. These logos do make our clients stand out, however, a brand isn’t just a logo, it’s the idea, the feeling, of your business in the mind of your audience, and that’s what we’re here to change.
If you’re interested in how our team of 35 specialist designers and marketers can assist your company to communicate clearly to your audience and convert them into loyal fans of your brand then get in touch today.

Our advantages

Ideas and concepts

A range of talented creatives ready to delver creative solutions to your problems.


A dedicated team with a diverse sell set and the ability to take on any creative brief.


A selection of artists to choose from whose work is always produced by hand.


The group prides themselves on providing quality and a positive service.